News & Events

4/25/21: A lucrative day job makes for little time for a hobby woodworking business. I had no idea I had neglected this site for so long! I've been putting more time into writing than this, although I have just started with 3D printing some items. (Mind you, I think it's unethical to sell prints of other people's designs.)

The Mark 3 Chair project is on hold. On the other hand, there is a fellow in Germany who makes a chair that is evolved from my design whose work I heartily endorse. He can be found on Fetlife by the username SelfBondageChair.

10/28/12: Things have settled down enough that the first new batch of Benches is FINALLY underway. (It's not like I've been totally idle, but doing some custom work for Patrick Andraste that doesn't show up here.)