Welcome to Paul Mauser Studios
Completely Revised: 1/1/12

News updated: 4/25/21

Hi, I'm Mauser. There is no Paul. (see the FAQ)

Important note: Other than the Magazine sale, furniture production is on hold for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, if you're interested in my writing, hit this link: My Books 

Visitors to this site would probably be VERY interested in "Kiwi" at the bottom of the page, if Aliens, heavy bondage, sensory deprivation, and mind control are your kind of thing.

Welcome to a complete re-launch of the site, and a re-launch of the business.

Repeat visitors probably know that not a lot has changed on this site for quite a while. I was stuck finishing off the last of my commissions, which I swear will never happen again because I don't take them any more. It's all part of the new Business Philosophy:

Build first, THEN sell.

This has come about for several reasons:

So, no more commissions. I will build things at my own pace, on my own time, and sell them when they're done.

And after hearing about another prominent Dungeon Furniture maker imploding after taking a whole bunch of orders and running, that system is broken. I want to distance myself from that kind of thing.

Direct Sales Only

The other broken thing in the world of BDSM Gear is the Wholesale market, so from now on I'm selling direct only.
Over and over I hear about websites that use pictures of people's existing gear to sell cheap knockoffs from China or Pakistan, or even the US.
This happened to me when the retailer I used to sell my spanking benches through went around behind me and found another builder to make a cheaper - and substantially different from the photos of mine they continued to use on their website - version and stopped talking to me. But I have to say, that fellow was very ethical and stopped building for them once he found out what was going on. Very commendable, although that ruined my plans to undersell them for revenge.
So if you see a photo on a website that looks like something of mine, you can rest assured it isn't genuine.

The Plan:

Step 1 Completely re-vamp the website, removing everything that isn't for sale. That includes the photos of my personal stuff and yes, those 8-year old pictures from the Folsom Street Fair. I'm sure the script kiddies will mourn the loss of of their chance to attack the Coppermine gallery - and fail. There will be an Inventory page that will indicate what products are actually in stock and available, and what the current price is. And prices will INCLUDE Lower-48 shipping.
Step 2 Build a new batch of the best-selling Spanking Bench, and not only sell them for less, but offer them in new colors! Black, Grey, Red and White for starters. Then update the Inventory page when they're done.
Step 3 And this is the big one. Introduce a new product. Currently I am in the process of designing the new Mark III Bondage Chair. The Mark II, my original claim to fame, will be getting a clean-sheet redesign to make it easier to manufacture, easier to store, and all around better (No more dowels, except on the shoulder straps!). This will take some time to do a proper design, make tooling and templates, and do some serious testing, but it will be better than ever. I probably won't be including the Self-bondage option any more after reading about a few harrowing incidents with the ones I sold through Mr. S.

(Step 2.5 comes in here, I'll be designing and building a CNC Router table in order to make this. It will take some time, but once it's done, the possibilities are limitless).
Step 4 Bring back other products like the pillories, and introduce some one-offs, just to spice things up. And maybe accessories for the chairs and benches.

As for Step 1. Well, you're looking at it. Not much now, but it will evolve.

This site is not optimized for any particular browser, and uses NO php, Java or Javascript. You script kiddies are wasting your time.

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