So here in the studio, I need to clear out some space and raise a little quick cash.
Back before the Internet, there were Bondage magazines.  And as a callow youth I bought a bunch.  And now it's time for you collectors out there to benefit from my pack-rattery.
Terms are simple.  Tell me which ones you want, and I'll give you a total and payment instructions (PayPal or money order)
Contact address for THIS DEAL ONLY is:
Prices are in the third column.
Postage is $5 for Priority Mail for each 1-5 magazines (the max that can fit in one flat-rate envelope).
If you want to buy them ALL, I'll cover the postage.
Cover Notable Features Price

Aggressive Women 5-7
Lou Kagan comic& art
2-page spread of cover model

Bound To Please 4-10
Multiple F/f, Asian model, Pillory $20

Captured 2-12
F.E. Campbell text

Glamor in Bondage 8
F/f (several), Black F model. $20

Hard Bound 11
MF/f, Suspension, pillory (one shot), Pleasure Chest tour $15

Hogtie 4-11
ff, M/f, Floor stocks $20

Knotty 4-11
F/f scene, ff scene, That young Model $20

Punished 2-5
Asian Model, F/f scene, pillory $20

Punished 2-10
Jail theme issue, F/f, ff, Asian model $20

Stiletto 7
Lots of Domme pictures& boot fetish ads
One page cut

Ties That Bind 1-8
Ashly Renee
Asian Domme
Stag Fury art

Trapped 1-5
Multiple F/f
F.E. Campbell text
ff = two sub women
F/f = One female domme, one female sub
F/ff = One female domme, two female subs
M/f = One male dom, one female sub
MF/F = Male and female doms, one female sub
All magazines also have single female sets.
Personal Ad mags are all LONG expired, but a few of the pictures are nice.