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The Following Sites feature Paul Mauser Studios products:

The Photography of Patrick Andraste.He's got some steel shackles and collars of mine, and the first pair of handcuff liners I've made in about 10 years.

Mr. S. Dungeon

The adult paysite side of Mr. S. The prototype bondage chair has been featured there.


Creator of the original bondage chair with retractable wrist straps. Mark was instrumental in helping me get established.

The following sites are those of my friends:

JG Leathers

JG Leather's infamous leather pony gear was featured in the first bondage magazine I ever bought (Hogtie 4-4), and has inspired me ever since. He's a great guy, and thankfully has no memory of our embarassing (to me anyway) first meeting a decade or so ago.

House of Gord

Another of my inspirations. When I grow up, I wanna be Gord. A fascinating guy, even without the unbelieveably imaginative bondage creations. I envy him for the sheer number of women who practically throw themselves at him to be strapped in, hooked up and switched on in his torturous devices.


Yeah, I've linked twice. I almost don't need to, since 90% of the hits here are referred from Mark's site. I definitely need to get down to SF and visit again.

Serious Images is his paysite with vast collections of extremely heavy bondage.

Another Double-listing. Great guy.

Tonya Winter. Man, how could I have forgotten to link to her for so long! She's got a fair amount of my work on the walls of her house.

Okay, I put up her shelves. :-) Fantastic rubber clothing!

The following sites have nothing to do with Paul Mauser Studios, other than I find them interesting.

Mr. S Leather

Mr. S. Leather.

Madame S.

The distaff version of Mr. S.