In order to foil spammers and such, I'm sorry but I can't use a simple Mailto: type link that you can just click on. But it won't be THAT difficult to do this.

Just go into your usual e-mail program and create a new message, then in the To: line type one of these addresses:


For inquiries about purchases.


For inquiries that don't involve a financial transaction. i.e. questions, trading links, etc.


For simple shout outs that don't really need a response.

Please, there's no need to pretend to be interested in buying something to ask questions. Just ask. People who promise to order something and then don't follow through are universally considered pests in the industry. Use the Info address and ask away.

Don't ask about Commissions.  I don't do them any more.  Don't ask about when something's going to be in stock.  That's what the inventory page is for.

Note, these addresses are subject to change at any time, usually the second I get a piece of spam through one. They're actually just forwarders to my real address, which makes it trivial to change them at will. If you think a message didn't get through, re-check this page to see if something changed.

After you type the proper user name in the To: line, be sure to add an at sign, and the address of this site, minus the www.

Keep in mind that any reply you get will NOT come from the addresses listed above.

Do not include graphics, and especially not embedded inline graphics, or you may get spam filtered.