Paul Mauser Studios was founded in May of 2004. thanks to a combination of too much free time and too many power tools.

The Studio made a big splash when it debuted the Mark II Self-bondage chair, developed with the very gracious assistance of Mark from Serious Bondage, whose original self-bondage chair is iconic for his site and famous in the BDSM world.  With his help I was able to sell the chair and several other products including a heavy-duty yoke/pillory through Mr. S Leather.  Then I also developed a spanking bench with an adjustable height feature via detachable legs.  This became the bread and butter of the studio until the retailer I sold it through (NOT Mr.S) decided to screw me.  A day job took time away from the studio and I puttered along on commissions, but 2012 has brought the opportunity to strike off in a new direction.


Why Paul Mauser Studios? That's not your name.

Very astute, you must know me. It's a short and boring story. My first Internet account back in 1990 (yes, I predate the web) needed a name of 8 letters or less. I'm a big fan of the Mauser C-96 "Broomhandle" pistol. But I've been Mauser on the net ever since. I also use Mauser as a "Scene Name" in the BDSM community. Thus, when I decided to go into business producing high-end bondage furniture, it was natural that I'd put Mauser in the name. I chose Studios because I'm also interested in producing art. But Mauser Studios just didn't sound right. Paul Mauser was the name of the man who invented the "Broomhandle", thus "Paul Mauser Studios". Told you it was a boring story.

So, I don't call you "Paul" then, right?

"Paul's not here, man. I'm Mauser, can I help you?" I think it might be amusing to have a non-entity I can blame things on.:-)

Just a Usage note if you're going to write about me. I'm Mauser, the business is Paul Mauser Studios. There is no Paul.

So, what's this day job thing?

It's very cool.  I go to this place and spend 8-10 hours every day doing stuff, and they pay me for it.  I hear they're pretty rare these days, but back when I started the studio, everyone else had one and I didn't, so I'm going to stick with it.  If you want to know who I work for, sorry, that's not what this site is for.

Have you got a girlfriend/boyfriend/farm animal?

Again, this site isn't for personal information like that, but if you're persistent, I'm not that hard to find on the best Kinky Social networking site out there, Fetlife.com.