Spanking Benches

Spanking Bench

Inspired by my original spanking bench, this bench includes legs to raise it to waist height.

It's constructed entirely of cabinet-grade 3/4" ply, doubled up for strength, rigidity, and aesthetics.

The legs splay at fifteen degrees, and make it remarkably stable. I was unable to tip it myself while laying on it. I can state empirically that it had no trouble supporting my own 230 lbs (gotta work on that) and a 270 lb woman at a club.

The top is 10" x 20" and upholstered with 1" foam, batting, and black vinyl.

The bench stands 14" tall without the legs, and 32" tall with the current legs.

Note: The photos are of the prototype. The actual bench comes with 8 eye bolts, two in each leg, for more flexibility.  The ring hardware may vary depending on availability.

Colors: Black, Gray, White and Red.

Price: $300 including shipping and handling. (Continental U.S. only  Contact for other rates).

See Inventory page for availability.